How IoT Is Paving The Road To A Digital Tomorrow

In fleet management ... planning and strategy. • Management: Oftentimes, the accomplishment of bringing a solution to market can quickly be overshadowed by the complexities and costs of managing it and ensuring visibility to each edge device.

Verizon Connect Fleet Management Review 2023: Features, Pros & Cons

From GPS tracking and mileage tracking to fuel management ... Fleetmatics is a cloud-based fleet management system that was rebranded in 2018 as Verizon Connect. While it’s headquartered in Atlanta, Verizon Connect has offices throughout North America ...

Digging Into the Numbers: Research Reveals the Connected Future of Fleets

ABI Research survey sheds light on how digital transformation can enable operational efficiency, smarter business decisions and reduced risk for fleet-based businesses. Top Insights from Fleet Manager

Simplifying IoT Cellular Data

The emergence of centralized and customizable IoT data management is a game-changer for modern IoT data users, enabling scalability.

Michelin cuts harsh driving events by a quarter

Michelin Connected Fleet has helped parent company Michelin cut harsh driving events by 25%, after introducing the same fleet management technology it deploys to end-user fleets. The reduction was achieved across the 54 vans operated by its Services and Solutions division in the UK.

Fleet Telematics 2023: A Saturated Market?

Overall, the growth of video telematics, the hottest industry trend over the past ... on par with traditional GPS tracking system satisfaction. In the study, vehicle, and asset location remains “by far” the primary benefit of a GPS fleet management ...

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Cyber Protection Through Machine Learning Deserves a Conversation

An innovative, AI-based cybersecurity firm had previously been struggling to overcome low conversion rates based on the random online interest provided by mega-scale, topic-based digital marketing services and other forms of paid media. As part of the InsideUp SalesConnect program, live conversations with trained solution consultants brought in authentic intent and a 20% conversion rate from leads to sales opportunities.

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Marching Down Main Street Requires Lots of Loud Music

In order to continue their growth trajectory, this cloud-native CRM company needed to expand their intent data sourcing within the mid-market. Through the use of the InsideUp MarketingConnect program, our client was able to increase the volume and intensity of content engagement by 15% over a span of 12 months.

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