The Client

Industry: Endpoint Internet Security (Threat Detection & Response)
Company Size: 1700 employees

Founded nearly three decades ago, this InsideUp client delivers outstanding threat identification and dynamic threat defense on an enterprise scale across multiple platforms.

The company was recently named as a strategic leader in international cybersecurity industry’s Anti-Virus (AV) Comparatives’ Endpoint Prevention and Response Test. Its efficacy and strong value proposition have given the company a strong foothold with enterprises seeking multi-user endpoint security in Europe and Asia.



The Challenge: Getting a foot in the door with key stakeholders

Despite a strong user base and its industry accolades, the company faced challenges building awareness with prospective customers in new markets. The rapid expansion of today’s enterprise network landscape has taken the responsibility for endpoint security out of the hands of end-user support departments and moved it upstream to the executive level.

The company needed to foster executive awareness of its cybersecurity offerings for the entire enterprise information ecosystem. Its sales team had to have accurate, up-to-date, information identifying each prospect’s primary decision makers to effectively drive its marketing efforts, especially in the high-turnover corporate information security sector.



InsideUp — Providing Data Recency and Accuracy for Strong Campaign Performance

To navigate the lead generation process in the global enterprise environment, the cybersecurity vendor reached out to InsideUp, experts in marketing campaigns with a strong knowledge of the cybersecurity space.

InsideUp assigned the company a dedicated data team to research and identify the right stakeholders and job titles within the IT chain of command who typically influence the selection of enterprise-wide threat detection and response solutions.

Expanding opportunities with predictive analytics
Using its proprietary InCapture platform, the InsideUp team applied predictive analytics to expand the initial prospect list to include companies with similar firmographics and enterprise security requirements.

With the primary decision makers and influencers in the cybersecurity firm’s buying segment identified, InsideUp began a comprehensive verification process. The team checked third-party resources to augment discovered data and verify critical information. Finally, to further ensure the accuracy of the prospect data, the InsideUp team manually verified all contact data by phone.

An immediate, scalable response
Using a pre-defined integration profile, InsideUp submitted each contact to the cybersecurity vendor’s system of record as soon as their information was verified.

Because the entire process was supported by the InCapture platform, InsideUp could scale their data extraction and verification processes to meet the cybersecurity vendor’s immediate need without reducing accuracy.




Fresh Data Fuels New Connections

The cybersecurity company’s sales team reported a 23% increase in direct contact opens and a 15% increase in click-through rates on email campaigns using InsideUp data sets. Its webinar registrations are up 30% year-over-year.

As a result of the work provided by InsideUp, this cybersecurity vendor has abundant fresh, accurate data to connect with the corporate influencers and decision-makers in a position to greenlight and implement their solution.