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Aligning Sales and Marketing Over Agreed-Upon Metrics 

Highly aligned teams drive an average of 208% more revenue for their organizations. But sales and marketing alignment continues to be a challenge for many companies. Learn why alignment is achievable, and what you can do now to not only bring sales and marketing together but also maintain alignment throughout the buyer journey.

BUILDING RELIABLE REVENUE STREAMS: How the Most Successful Demand Generation Teams Do It

Where does your company fit along the marketing maturity continuum and why are there no short-cuts when it comes to building a reliable revenue stream? Download this whitepaper to learn more about the strategies employed by marketers of enterprise technology solutions to better engage with buying committees.

Cloud Technology Buying Committees: New Decision-Making Dynamics

A number of process and content-related insights emerged from a recent (late 2022) study sponsored by InsideUp entitled “How Technology Buying Committees Make Faster Decisions” that featured an IT survey and follow-up interviews with IT professionals and marketing executives. Download this white paper to learn more about how buying committees operate in the post-pandemic age.

Market Intelligence: Feeding on Intent Data Without Getting Fed Up

The recent popularity of intent data monitoring services means marketers can feed on as much intent data as they want. But what’s the best way to focus on the most relevant intent data for your business? Download our free white paper today and learn how to stay lean and mean when ingesting intent data.

Not Interested Does Not Mean Never Interested

How much value does each new customer bring to your company? If the answer is many thousands in increased revenue, then it’s worth every effort to make sure no lead goes wasted. Download our free white paper today and learn how to strengthen your lead nurturing process.

How Do Your Leads Measure Up?

What goals could your business achieve by focusing on lead quality metrics? The ability to identify your most effective lead acquisition strategies is vital to the growth of any business. Download our free white paper today and learn how to identify the best lead sources for your business.

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