Final - What’s the Best Upskilling for Today’s Demand Generation Professionals

1. What’s the Best Upskilling for Today’s Demand Generation Professionals


We want your feedback! Marketing professionals responsible for demand generation strategies and programs play a critical role in driving revenue growth for cloud technology companies. However, to excel in this role and advance in their careers, it’s essential to stay current with the latest marketing trends, tools, and techniques. Continuous upskilling can help demand generation professionals deliver better results and contribute more effectively. 

InsideUp is conducting a research program that includes surveys, third party research and one-on-one video interviews to help demand generation professionals make better upskilling decisions with their valuable time and resources. 

We would appreciate you taking this survey covering different aspects of upskilling including sharing your perspective on topic-based training, product-centered certifications and soft skills that you consider the most beneficial for the role of a demand generation professional (whether acting as an individual contributor, manager or executive). We will also be recording brief video interviews with selected participants (your involvement is absolutely optional) as part of this research program. 

We will be publishing a series of blogs, videos and a report to share our findings related to this upskilling program.   Please note, the information you share will be kept confidential and only aggregated in our final report.