Businesses are evolving from conducting webinars to running live streams. With 28% investing more in live streaming, it has become a widely popular free resource for a large group of employees who have had to work from home. Marketers are paying attention to live streaming and video conferencing strategies that involve viewers and engages them quickly and authentically that other social media formats cannot.

Webinars work as a lead magnet as well. They have a different kind of potential, offering valuable leads rather than a downloadable checklist or e-book. It usually includes an expert presentation followed by a Q&A session. Webinars can help connect presenters with participants quickly with the help of a visual medium.

As remote working becomes more prevalent and acceptable in times like these, companies’ demand for reliable video conferencing apps is increasing. In a general way, video conferencing is highly useful for many types of collaborations and evaluations. It is used to schedule and hold meetings; it is used to conduct and manage both individual and group interviews; it is used to attend seminars and give lectures.

video conferencing apps

According to a report by Owls Lab, top video conferencing choices among businesses are Skype and Zoom Video Communications. These two hold 45% of the video conferencing market. However, the preferences were based on the company size; 72% of companies with less than 500 employees were using Zoom for video conferencing, and 64% of companies with more than 500 employees were using Skype.

Business managers and marketers are using live streaming and video conferencing software tools to conduct a higher number of virtual events and drive more engagement than ever before. Live streaming holds tremendous potential for a variety of businesses and not just B2C companies. As long as you have the right marketing method and dedicated resources, live streaming can help you enhance engagement and increase your audience reach with very little outlay.

The critical thing for live streaming marketing is to evaluate its potential alongside your extensive digital marketing and social strategy. It is also essential to assess which, if any, of your channels are a good fit for such content type. Live streaming is enhancing the accessibility for the brands to easily broadcast content to their potential customers and monetize as the number of viewers goes up.

A successful live streaming strategy should be based on a unique goal and offerings like an event or a theme. Consider live streaming as a window that gives customers a glimpse of your brand and products. So, plan your live streaming strategy and select the best video conferencing software thoughtfully. Prepare to truly engage with your audience to make the most of it. To get your business a host of loyal followers and new brand advocates, prepare to build a social community and genuinely engage with your audience to make the most of it.

The future of live streaming and video conferencing is truly bright. 

Live streaming can offer real-time interactive and engaging content. One approach to be successful in it is to embrace this new form of media. It is a robust tool in your marketing arsenal that has unique features to craft the overall customer experience. Like all marketing and branding efforts, studying the benefits of live streaming will help you get the right approach to utilize it the most. Developing the right strategy will help you boost your target leads and convert them into your followers, customers, and long-term clients.

Online meetings and video conferencing are all about forging an emotional bond with the potential customer. Deploying engaging, relatable, and informative videos in real-time on customers’ feeds is the right way to do precisely that. Livestreaming for marketing is similar to other marketing tactics: You’ll succeed at some, and you’ll lose at some, but figuring out the right method will eventually benefit your brand.

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