Demand marketing has always been a noisy pursuit, but a dearth of in-person events has created even more distractions this year. Technology buyers are hearing a lot about “digital transformation” from technology vendors who already spend a majority of their marketing dollars on digital marketing. This has led to a large influx of content being directed at these buyers.

In response, InsideUp has launched an ongoing discussion program, “Cleaning a Cloudy Window – How Technology Vendors Can Improve Buyer Engagement”, devoted to helping cloud-based technology vendors gain better customer engagement through an understanding of evolving purchase patterns in their target market. 

The program’s first study, “How Technology Buying Committees Make Faster Decisions”, is focused on how IT executives currently participate in buying committees, how they want to be engaged by vendors and the type of content they are seeking.  We will be surveying and interviewing IT executives to secure answers to questions about how and why evaluation committees are formed, how they operate and, ultimately, how they buy.  Additionally, we will be surveying and interviewing demand generation executives to get complementary insights on how they are engaging with buying committees in the new normal.

We have engaged with B2B Buyer Insights, an independent market research company, to assist us with this effort.  The results of our research, which involves surveys and in-depth interviews with both technology and marketing executives, will be published as a whitepaper and also discussed in webinars.

As a demand generation company with over a decade of experience working with technology buyers in key markets (such as communications, security, cloud computing and data backup and recovery), we engage “in-market” companies every day using multi-channel direct marketing and our proprietary demand generation tools.

From our position, we realized this study needed to talk to both IT executives (especially those that participate in buying committees) as well as demand generation executives because their perspectives may be radically different when it comes to the buying journey.  Essentially, this study is wrestling with a two-headed monster (technology buyers on one side and technology vendors on the other) that we hope we can tame by exposing some of the disconnect that can arise from incorrect assumptions.

If you are either in a leadership role, responsible for demand generation, at a cloud technology or demand generation company or an IT executive that plays a significant role in purchasing technology solutions, then we invite you to participate in this study and gain new insights along with us.

InsideUp, a leading demand generation agency, has over a decade of experience assisting technology clients, that target mid-market and enterprise businesses, by meeting and exceeding their key marketing campaign metrics. Our clients augment their in-house demand generation campaigns (including ABM) by partnering with us to build large sales pipelines. Please contact us to learn more.