The Client

Industry: Data Backup & Recovery
Company Size: 800 employees

A venture-backed pioneer in cloud-native software enabling business-critical data resilience and backup solutions, this InsideUp client provides data protection for corporate data centers, public clouds, SaaS applications and endpoint devices both on and off of protected networks, as a single-point, centralized alternative to traditional backup systems.



The Challenge: Educating the Markets

For many enterprises, their data is decentralized — stored across unreconciled secondary storage methods, easily compromised, and difficult to restore.

Businesses are faced with a decision: maintain backups locally, on the cloud, or both, especially as the industry’s traditional on-premise storage vendors shift towards similar cloud-based (but not cloud-native) solutions.

Driving Disruption
Recognizing the opportunities presented by their disruptive technology, the cloud-native backup vendor needed to establish themselves as industry front runners while bringing clarity to the discussion of the advantages of their centralized cloud backup and recovery solution. To do this, they needed a lead generation partner with expertise in the cloud storage ecosystem.



InsideUp — Combining Content Marketing and Direct Contact to Assess Sales Readiness

InsideUp aligned immediately with the company’s goals. In order to propagate the vendor’s name and value proposition across the market, the demand generation team focused on a two-pronged approach combining 1) performance marketing and syndicated content with 2) account-based marketing (ABM).

This would allow the company to focus on converting its target accounts while working with an agency to create and maintain interest and provide its sales teams with a constant flow of qualified prospects.

Identifying need
With awareness of the vendor’s solution established, InsideUp began its lead generation efforts. Tapping unique data sources, InsideUp applied data profiling software contained within its proprietary InCapture platform to identify information-intensive companies in a position to upgrade to the vendor’s centralized data backup and recovery solutions.

To ensure each candidate suited the vendor’s criteria, InsideUp evaluated the responses of their marketing automation systems with pre-defined data scorecards to identify the highest scoring results.

Painting the full picture
Building on the brand awareness created by the content campaign, the InsideUp team began nurturing prospects using their in-house cadence system. Each high-scoring prospect was contacted directly by InsideUp’s experienced US-based solution consultants and qualified as to their level of sales readiness for the vendor’s solution. As a part of the process, the InsideUp team recorded and reviewed each call to provide the cloud-native backup vendor’s sales teams with detailed notes regarding the prospects’ current systems, computing workloads, and future goals.

With all the information in place, InsideUp verified the results using a second proprietary scorecard to ensure its integrity and suitability to the vendor’s goals before passing it forward.




A New Peak in Conversion Rates

As the number of cyber-attacks in the healthcare, government, and educational sectors increased during the recent health crisis, the InsideUp content campaign (focused on the ability of cloud data systems to mitigate ransomware attacks) was able to keep the vendor’s solution in the spotlight.

The combination of leads and detailed background information provided by the InsideUp team resulted in higher conversion rates than the vendor has seen from any comparable lead stream.

InsideUp’s qualified, consistent, and highly relevant information resulted in a conversion rate from lead to sales opportunity that hit a monthly average of 14% even over the course of the pandemic. In one year, the cloud-native backup solutions provider saw a pipeline multiplier on their marketing spend with InsideUp of 9x.