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Marketing and demand generation thought leaders in top technology companies share insights about trends in marketing strategy – and the issues that keep them awake at night. 

Why Marketers Should Do Less Nurturing and More Guiding

In this episode, Tom Butta, Chief and Strategy Marketing Officer at Airship, dives into his strategies and experiences as a seasoned professional who has navigated numerous economic cycles. Tom emphasizes the importance of investing behind value creation, even when others choose to cut back. He also touches on the crucial role market data plays in identifying the right playbook. Watch for Tom’s practical advice on anticipating challenges, navigating internal corporate priorities, and aligning everyone within the organization behind a shared strategic agenda.

Engineering Demand Generation to Meet Long-range Vision

For B2B marketers, it can be challenging to create a strategy that balances the need for both immediate and long term results.

POV: Everything is Measurable

It can be challenging to create a strategy to produce measurable results now while also investing for future growth. As part of InsideUp’s thought leadership series, we’re exploring the challenges technology companies face in balancing the need for both immediate and long term results. Saravana Sivanandham is the CMO of Absorb Software, a leading cloud […]

Full-Funnel Fatigue? Where to Focus Your Efforts Now

How and when do you communicate the value of your technology solution to prospects who are on tight budgets? In this interview, Rico Andrade, VP of Marketing at Celigo tells how his team determines where prospects are in the sales cycle and how to help companies visualize the future value of their investment.   He […]

Get Close to Your Customers to Fine-Tune Your Brand Story

You’re passionate about your company’s technology, and that’s understandable. Naturally, you want to tell your potential customers all about it. But is that the best way to engage them? In an interview with Geoff Webb, VP of Solution Strategy at isolved HCM, we discussed the importance of getting to know your potential customers – and […]

Embed Your Short-Term Marketing Strategy Into Your Long-Term One

How do you build long-term results without impacting more immediate goals? In this episode, I put that question to Eric Mizsanyi, Marketing Campaign Manager at TD SYNNEX Public Sector. Eric talks about how he approaches this challenge incrementally. He also shares his views on which new technology tools will become must-haves for marketers, from keeping […]

Shift Your Marketing Approach as the Buying Process Unfolds

Marketers are still learning lessons from the pivots we’ve had to make in the past few years. In this interview, Mike Vannoy, CMO and VP of Marketing Strategy at Asure, talks about the shifts he and his team made that kept the company going strong through the pandemic and afterward.  Eric talks about how he […]

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