The Client

Industry: Human Capital Management (HCM)
Company Size: 3,000 employees

This large company provides human resources, benefits, payroll, workers’ compensation, and strategic human capital services. It has a mission is to enable success and innovation for small and midsize businesses by providing a combination of software and outsourced services that frees them from the complexities of HR. It can serve SMBs, and their employees, with or without a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) structure in place.

Through the recent acquisition of a centralized and highly scalable platform with a modern consumer-like user interface, this company can also help streamline workflows by connecting key aspects such as HR, Benefits, Employee Engagement, Payroll and Time & Attendance. The added offering will provide even greater flexibility to this company in the future.


The Challenge: Sounding an Alarm Across Multiple Functions That Employee Engagement is Worth a Change in HR Systems

The landscape for legacy HR systems in SMB accounts can be somewhat haphazard. The level of in-house HR management expertise varies widely and, as a result, many functions have been partially, or even fully, outsourced as not strategic elements of the business. However, employee engagement has recently emerged as a much stronger determinant in a company’s overall success. The competition for talent has reached a fever pitch while younger employees are expecting their employers to place company resources and HR tasks literally in the palm of their hands (through the use of apps that communicate with iOS and Android mobile devices).

In this changing environment, this company saw the opportunity to engage with various functional managers in service-oriented industries to discover advocates for their cloud-based HR solution. It was obvious that a standard email campaign to a large quantity of email addresses was going to yield limited results because deliverability is not a sufficient metric to ensure that the message is being received. What was needed was a combination of data extraction and verification along with a content syndication that could accommodate the latest assets issued by the company that highlighted the importance of employee engagement.


InsideUp – Finding HR System Buyers with Cloud Tendencies and Monitoring Their Intent

Because InsideUp has been representing cloud-based technology vendors for a long time, there existed a large pool of medium-sized companies who have already found value in the vendor referrals that have come their way through our educational approach. This level of familiarity with the process of, first learning about current trends on a topic and, then, viewing vendor-specific content within that topic served this HR vendor well when it came time to take advantage of the trend towards better employee engagement.

To identify targets in the SMB and mid-market segments, InsideUp leveraged several underlying processes that power their proprietary InCapture platform, including a dedicated data team that was able to research job titles (in HR and Finance as well as IT) likely to be involved in the decision-making process for a comprehensive cloud-based HCM system. Using its content syndication system, InsideUp was able to place key assets, including whitepapers, eBooks, and videos in front of potential prospects through an email campaign with a high degree of deliverability. Intent monitoring kept track of recipient interest and marketing-qualified leads were electronically posted to the client’s system of record.


From Legacy Stranglehold to a SaaS Beachhead

HR career professionals have, in recent years, been migrating from enterprise companies to assume leadership positions in medium-sized companies and fast-growing startups. They are ready to consider new ways of covering all the bases of the HR function while using the power of the cloud to improve employee engagement and manifest greater job satisfaction. Through the use of the InsideUp MarketingConnect program, this client was able to increase the volume of content engagement by 24% over a span of 12 months. As this SaaS company tracked the progress of all top-of-funnel leads, the average cost of acquisition for each new customer (of at least 10 seats) was determined to be $730. As the average three-year customer lifetime value is typically north of $8,000, it became abundantly clear that using InsideUp to find companies open to a discussion concerning increased employee engagement was a very good return on this company’s marketing investment.