The Client

Industry: Unified Communications
Company Size: 2000 employees

This InsideUp client provides cloud-based voice, contact center, video, mobile, and unified communications solutions for the residential and commercial sectors. It competes with larger companies with on-premise solutions as well as smaller, more nimble cloud-based UC firms.


The Challenge: Differentiation in a Noisy Market

Competition in the UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) ecosystem is intense. This client needed to rise above the feature-focused noise and promote a value proposition that clearly differentiated it as a full-stack, single-source, communications technology provider.

To do this, they needed to highlight how their robust, proprietary API solution provides solid, widespread, integrated voice communications with other cloud-based business applications.

Feeding the beast
To maintain its goal of double-digit growth, the communications provider also required a constant flow of qualified prospects to feed its large direct and channel sales infrastructure.

To achieve this, the client needed to know which companies were committed to change and ready to engage with their sales team. Initiating this dialogue required the help of an outside agency with expertise in their space – an agency that specializes in generating high-conversion, mid-to-bottom of funnel leads.


InsideUp — High Volume Lead Generation with an Emphasis on Live Dialogue

To complement its on-demand internal lead generation effort, the communications provider turned to InsideUp. To get the ball rolling, InsideUp first tapped its unique data sources using proprietary data profiling software to identify a significant volume of likely prospects seeking a UCaaS and evaluate them individually using a predefined data scorecard.

Using the InsideUp marketing automation platform, they then executed customized direct response campaigns and further organized the prospects by level of intent.

Understanding the cadence of contact
Using their in-house cadence system, InsideUp nurtured the prospects with the communications provider’s branded content. When prospects were ready for contact, InsideUp’s US-based team of experienced cloud communication solution consultants engaged each one directly to further verify their interest in the communications provider’s solution.

Vetting the prospects
With likely prospects identified and directly engaged, InsideUp began its final, comprehensive verification using another proprietary scorecard to ensure each prospect met data integrity, intent level, and qualification criteria appropriate to the campaign requirements.

But, how could InsideUp scale to a high volume of prospects while maintaining quality? This was accomplished by vetting each prospect with a combination of automation, domain-specific expertise, and human touchpoints.

The Difference is in the Details
InsideUp representatives provided the vendor’s BDR team with extensive notes on the current status of each prospect, along with their business communications requirements.

This is a key part of the process. The quality and consistency of the sales-qualified leads were a direct result of InsideUp’s exhaustive analysis and review of actual call recordings with each contact. The communications provider could now easily identify large-scale enterprises ready to transition from on-premise to cloud-based systems.


A Decade of Results

Working with InsideUp has led to a significant increase in high-value contracts, resulting in annual sales pipeline growth to the tune of $2.4M. This vendor was finally able to optimize their lead flow by tracking its Leads to Opportunities Conversion Rate (LOCR) using a rolling 90-day window that starts slowly and gains velocity over time.