[Video] An InsideUp Marketing Study 

For B2B marketers, it can be challenging to create a strategy that balances the need for both immediate and long term results.  

To gain – and share – insights on what is working for marketers today, I’m interviewing executives at top technology companies as part of InsideUp’s ongoing thought leadership series.  

I talked with Heather Moses, Senior VP of Marketing at Nexthink, a global software provider empowering IT teams to create better digital work experiences for employees.  

Heather shares strategies that she’s found successful in creating demand, dealing with the changing buyer journey – and even measuring awareness. 

She talks about the need to work closely with revenue operations to ensure they’re reaching the high-level growth metrics like ARR. She also does a deep dive into the organization’s pipeline metrics to see, for instance, how many MQLs are turning into meetings and then into closed business.  

To fulfill the company’s long term goals, Heather and her team have developed a community that not only educates Nexthink’s target audience but also provides valuable insights regarding what is most important to their prospects.  

Watch the video for more details on the metrics she finds most useful.