Marketing Programs


Our turnkey demand generations campaigns pipe to spend ratio of 3-5x

Supports for abm programs, and we offer other as well.

DataConnect Program

Ingest real-time data that we 1) extract using our proprietary data platform and 2) verify with a combination of our own data team and integration with reliable third-party sources. We can scale to meet any of your data needs and feed that data to your marketing system on a daily basis.

MarketingConnect Program

We are also trail-blazing content syndicators allowing us to use our integrated proprietary data, direct marketing platform and unique data scoring system to provide (in real-time) intent data that matches your campaign requirements, but also has engaged with your content.

SalesConnect Program

In this program, we use intent data monitoring and our proprietary InCapture platform to qualify prospects, then nurture them through targeted content syndication marketing campaigns. First, we’ll qualify your prospects based on their expressed urgency and the intensity of their engagement. Then we validate all lead data and level of intent using a rigorous verification process. Finally, we deliver leads at varying levels of intent so your marketing and sales teams can tailor their outreach to each prospect’s phase in the buyer’s journey.

Account-Based Marketing

We were one of the first B2B demand generation agencies that used data profiling to identify the most qualified key decision-makers within your target accounts. Any of our programs can support your ABM initiatives to help you build profiles of buying committees or otherwise provide intelligence on the influencers and decision-makers in the account with whom your sales teams need to be talking. The result? A shorter buying cycle, better-qualified leads, and more conversions in less time — all while meeting your ABM objectives.

What Makes Us Different

Bringing together powerful proprietary inCapture technology with an experienced team is what maakes us different. Look behind the scenes at the working of insideUp.