The Client

Industry: Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Company Size: 35,000 employees

An early commitment to a cloud-native architecture allowed this CRM client to differentiate itself in the market. One of the advantages they offer is an enterprise-level suite of cloud-based applications that has improved the ability of teams to track lead attribution and other marketing metrics that prove ROI on campaigns.



The Challenge: Extolling the Value of an Enterprise Software Suite for Midsize Companies

To continue their growth trajectory, this company needed to expand its intent data sourcing targeting mid-market companies.

They needed to build awareness that the cloud “suite” approach allows smaller companies to “mix and match” applications, thereby saving monthly subscription fees across their user base.

Of course, this kind of strategic decision is best handled by sales and marketing leadership who must take a longer-term view of the growth projections of the overall company.



InsideUp — Finding IT Buyers with Cloud Tendencies and Checking Intent

Because InsideUp has been representing cloud-based technology targeting sales and marketing decision makers, there existed a large pool of target companies who have already found value our educational approach.

The InsideUp team’s process of first learning about current trends in a client’s industry and then studying the client’s own content on the topic served this CRM vendor well in getting results from a campaign of this magnitude.

To identify targets in the mid-market, InsideUp’s dedicated data team researched sales and marketing job titles likely to be involved in the decision-making process for cross-functional customer sales and service systems. And because the vendor’s solution is a strategic suite of applications requiring supervisorial review, importance was placed on looking for managerial and above levels within the organizational structure.

When necessary, phone verification was employed to ensure data integrity in the face of frequent changes in company affiliations.

Using its content syndication platform, InsideUp placed key client assets through a customized nurturing campaign with a high degree of deliverability. Intent monitoring kept track of recipient interest and marketing-qualified leads were electronically posted to the client’s system.


Parading Down Main Street

With fresh data verified in real time, our client, an enterprise vendor, could take advantage of the good will they have built in enterprise settings and optimize their value in smaller corporate settings.

Through the InsideUp MarketingConnect program, this client increased the volume and intensity of content engagement by 15% in twelve months. As those top-of-funnel leads made their way through the sales cycle, their net new sales opportunities continued to expand. In this way, one of the originators of a cloud-native approach to enterprise CRM software was able to continue their expansion down main street.