The Client

Industry: Contact Center Software
Company Size: 980 employees

This contact center client, with over $1.1 Billion in funding and an annual revenue of $500M, was at the forefront in the migration of line-of-business functions to software subscription models. They were also in the right place at the right time when COVID hit and the need for multi-channel contact centers became an overnight imperative. One of the key advantages of this vendor’s contact center software is its openness to integration with other cloud-based systems.

This vendor’s sales team, however, needed more cross-functional buy-in for those integrations to be implemented and that required an expansion of the targets beyond traditional customer success job titles. They also wanted to know when the time was right to approach on-premise installed base customers with their “fully transition to the cloud” message.


The Challenge: Stimulating a Sales Dialogue Around Cross-Functional Integration

This vendor needed more contacts within the chain of command for IT management so their message of integration could be absorbed and implemented for the benefit of all internal departments, not just customer support.

It became apparent that what was needed was greater access to IT contacts in accounts that had made prior investments in customer-facing technology and were now ready to consider cloud-based contact center software.


InsideUp — The Right Message to the Right Audience

Not every company with prior investments in contact center technology was ready to consider a cloud-based solution, but those that self-identified by engaging with the vendor’s content (showing the many advantages of their cloud-native approach) were ready to talk.

InsideUp’s proprietary marketing automation platform was able to ingest freshly verified contact data and approach those IT decision-makers with a timely message regarding integration and the support of remote workers.

InsideUp’s dedicated data team was able to research job titles likely to be involved in the decision-making process for contact center software, and its marketing department applied predictive analytics to expand the list of companies with that same combination of job titles.

It was also important to look for manager and above levels within the organizational structure because the vendor’s message of integration is essentially a cross-functional capability that needs a forward-looking perspective.

Using its content syndication platform, InsideUp was able to quickly frame the vendor’s content so it spoke directly to the key concerns that were coming up in internal IT circles and campaigns were launched with a high degree of deliverability. Intent monitoring kept track of recipient interest and marketing qualified leads were posted in real time as they were captured, to the client’s MAP.


Opening the Door to Greater Opportunities with IT Sponsorship

This vendor experienced a 40% increase in the conversion rate from MQLs to sales accepted leads attributed to InsideUp. Our expertise in unified communications and contact center software that enabled us to focus in on the most likely audience for the vendor’s message of integration and innovation.

Having spent the last ten years in dialogues with IT system planners and architects on topics ranging from data backup to cybersecurity, there was an element of familiarity with our communication approach that this audience appreciated. In fact, this campaign was responsible for increasing the number of IT contacts in managerial roles by 25%.

In an increasingly noisy world of digital marketing, InsideUp was able to pinpoint the types of companies that were ready to move off of on-premise systems because they saw those systems as beginning to hold back their progress in digital transformation.